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What does growing a rainforest have to do with replenishing the trees that I use at home and work?
The majority of the paper and wood used at home and work have come from virgin forests, not tree farms. The truth is that tree farms only generate 16 % of the paper supply and simply can not keep up with the world’s overwhelming demand for wood and paper. When you support RainforestMaker, you are planting trees to help grow back new rainforests. Although the trees you have planted will not be used for future paper and wood consumption, they are being used to replenish the trees that you have previously consumed. Remember, the goal is to have a net zero effect on the environment. If you plant a tree for every one you use, then you have given the Earth a great gift.

How do you grow back a Rainforest?
Many experts believe it is impossible to grow back a rainforest. We know we can. First, you need land next to an existing rainforest, indigenous seeds, steady rainfall, and a lot of time since forests will go through several different cycles. Second, you need a master who understands the interconnection of plants and animals as they relate to the great mystery of life. We are extremely fortunate to have one!

Where are you planting the trees?
We are planting the trees in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, close to the Osa Peninsula.

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Why Costa Rica?
We have strategically chosen Costa Rica for numerous reasons. First, this climate support tropical rainforest growth. Second, tropical rainforests are home to 50% of the world’s plants and animals. Humans depend on the Earth’s biodiversity. The government of Costa Rica have shown substantial progress in supporting conservation programs.

How much of my donation actually goes towards growing trees and land conservation?
Currently, 100% of your appreciated donation will be used to replant trees and conserve land. At the present time, all of Rainforest Maker’s expenses are being paid for by our founder in Boston who is committed to replenish the trees he has used in his law practice and hopes all lawyers and business people will do the same.

Why should I care?
The Earth is sacred. Without rainforests, humans would not have evolved to their current state. Rainforests are essential-not just to those who live in or near them, but to everyone on the whole planet. They help control the world's climate. However, when the rainforests are burned and cleared, carbon is released that causes the weather to be much hotter. This is called the greenhouse effect.

People also use many rainforest materials. Many of our medicines come from plants that grow in rainforests. Perhaps someday the cure AIDS will be found in a tropical rainforest. Some of the medicines we now use come from tropical rainforest plants, such as aspirin, painkillers, cancer and heart disease treatments.